What is Title 38 ?

Title 38 is basically the creation of the Veterans Administration back in the 1950’s.  Since the success of the “GI Bill”, the US Congress wanted to set up a separate department to serve the needs of Veterans after returned from defending our country.

There are Hundreds of different benefits that Veterans and their families are entitled to as a result of their time served in the armed forces. One of them is the Non-service connected disability pension with aid and attendance.

Honorably discharged Veterans, who served during War Time, may be eligible for a monthly tax free pension to defray the cost of care from in-home care or assisted living. Pension amounts range from $13,778 to $25,440 annually depending on circumstances.

There are several requirements that must be met, and the VA requires full verification of all required information with specific documentation.  Veteran families who are paying for care at home or in a community for a Veteran or surviving spouse are urged to check and see if their Veteran’s circumstances would qualify them for this generous pension.

Over the past few years, we have assisted many families work through the lengthy and complicated application process.  If you or a loved one would like to take advantage of our FREE evaluation from a VA accredited Attorney, take this brief survey.

  1. Did the Veteran serve at least 90 days, 1 day during a declared state of War?
  2. Are you a Widow of a Veteran who served during wartime?
  3. Will your doctor verify that you need ongoing care for “activities of daily living”?
  4. Will a large portion of your monthly income be used to pay for that care?
  5. Do you currently live in a community that provided personal care?

If you answered “yes” to 3 of these questions, then you may qualify.

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