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Welcome to East Tennessee’s Premiere Assistance to the War-Time Veteran for the Aid & Attendance Benefit Application informational Web-site.

We are pleased to honor our East Tennessee neighbors who have protected our country and freedom during the dangers of war with their very lives.

Our free assistance is available to inform, assist and advise any veteran families who may have a loved one who is eligible for this long term care pension.

Please watch this brief NBC Nightly News Report (2007) for a brief overview of the VA program and then return to our site for more information on how you can qualify and apply for this VA Pension For an example of how the benefits works

VA's Aid and Attendance Benefit

Unfortunately, the majority of the eligible recipient’s are unaware of this benefit.  As a result, the Veteran’s Administration estimates that nearly as much as 2 million veterans and widows are missing out of $22 billion a year in pensions.

This pension, a non-service connected disability with approved benefit for aid & attendance pension, was created by congress and implemented by the veteran’s administration in 1951.  The pension money  goes directly to the veteran (or surviving spouse) to be used for managing expenses for cost of care during this time of life in whatever way is deemed necessary.

This Website is dedicated to educate and promote our mission to assist Veterans and their families understand 3 important factors of this VA Pension:

  1. What the pension is for.
  2. Who can qualify.
  3. How to streamline the application process


Please contact us with any questions, or request a complementary eligibility evaluation from our VA accredited attorney.

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