Who Qualifies?

Military Eligibilty:

Are you eligible?

  1. At least 90 days of military service.
  2. Minimum of one day served during a official war-time period.
  3. Honorable Discharge or equivalent.
  4. Veteran or Surviving Spouse must be older than Age 65 or disabled.


Medical Eligibility:

Begins when the veteran or surviving widow begins paying ‘Out of Pocket’ for one or more of the following scenarios.

  1. The Claimant must have a doctor verify that they need assistance in caring for 2 out of the 6 most common activities of daily living (ADL)
  2. Ongoing aid of another person for help with the functions of daily living – ADLs     (i.e., bathing, feeding, dressing, prosthetic adjustment, protection from hazards of daily environment, etc.)
  3. Disability that renders a person bedridden apart from prescribed course of treatment or convalescence.
  4. Veteran is patient of a nursing home or physical and/or mental incapacity.
  5. Blindness or vision problems.


Financial Eligibility:

This is where the qualifications can be very confusing and misunderstood. The previous two criteria will determine if you qualify for the pension. This last criteria will determine how much you qualify for.

This is a reimbursement Pension, and as such the following formulas are used to determine the pension reimbursement level:

1.  What percentage of their monthly income is spent on qualifying health care expenses.

2. How long would the Veteran’s exempt assets sustain these ongoing health care expenses.

So as you can see there is no “hard and fast rule” that the VA uses to make their decision.  Our experience has detected that far too many veterans who would qualify, do not even apply, because they assume they make to much or have too many assets and are quickly dismissed when they first ask about the Pensions available to Veterans.  Our advise is to seek a second opinion from an experienced team affiliated with an accredited VA attorney.  Only then will you receive reliable information based on your specific circumstances.

Our team provides a Pro-Bono evaluation of your current situation and will assist you and understanding where you stand in each of these criteria.  The VA accredited attorneys evaluation will show you how and why you qualify, and what assets and income are exempt from the VA’s pension requirement.  And best of all, there is never a fee for this evaluation.  And when you do qualify, our team will be able to assistance in the preparation and application to the VA at No Cost.

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